Himalayan Salt Lamp - Review & Giveaway

Himalayan Salt Lamp – Review & Giveaway

Most of us know that our indoor air is dirty.  We filter our water and try to filter our air, but have you ever thought of going completely natural?  Back to the basics.  Himalayan Salt Lamps are just that.  They are blocks of NATURAL Himalayan Salt.

  • These lamps are made of natural crystal salt mined from underground salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains
  • The beautiful orange-reddish Himalayan crystal salt is mounted on a wooden base
  • This crystal salt is hundreds of millions of years old and, as a result, has special properties and high mineral content
  • Heat from the bulb (in our lamps) or flame (in our candle holders) causes the salt to emit negative ions
  • These negative ions bond with the pollutants in the air (positive ions) and neutralize them
  • Also, the newly bonded ions become heavier and fall to the ground removing them from the air circulation
  • In addition, these negative ions combat electro-smog caused by electronic devices operating in the home
  • Symptoms from asthma, allergies, and other illnesses can also subside from the effects of these products
  • Concisely, these products cleanse the air naturally and are extremely beautiful

As you can see from the benefits, I was really excited to try it out.  We have a large space, but received a 4-5 pounds salt lamp to try.  The lamp is beautiful (I know, not really what it is for).  After being on for about 24 hours, the room actually did smell cleaner.  It smelled like the air of a thunderstorm.

After using it for about a week now, I am looking into buying a larger one to use in that room, and moving the smaller one to my office.  I could definitely use some help in here from the electro-smog. 

Think about giving this as a gift.  It would fit well on most holiday gift lists.

Buy A Himalayan Salt Lamp

You can purchase your own Himalayan Salt Lamp to meet your needs HERE.

Win A Himalayan Salt Lamp

I have great news, Himalayan Salt Shop wants to give one lucky Giveaway Blogdom reader their own 4-5 pound salt lamp.  Just enter on the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received a 4-5 pound Salt Lamp for review purposes. I was under no obligation to post a favorable review or host a giveaway. All opinions are my own.

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  1. 16
    christine weideman says:
    I love the salt bowls
  2. 15
    Austin Baroudi says:
    I like the moon salt lamp!
  3. 14
    debbie jackson says:
    love the cat salt lamp
  4. 13
    Angela Cash says:
    My favorite is the Four Natural Salt Crystal Candle Holders Pack.
  5. 12
    Mer says:
    How pretty! And it’s interesting to know they’re good for your health, too. I’d also like to try the bath salts.
  6. 11
    Jennifer Rote says:
    I like the Large Bowl of Fire Salt Lamp
  7. 10
    kathy pease says:
    i love the Himalayan Salt Lamp (13 -17 lbs.)
  8. 9
    Keely Hostetter says:
    I love the Salt Lamps – Animal Shapes
  9. 8
    Paula Lee says:
    I love the moon salt lamp.
  10. 7
    preppystudent says:
    their products would make awesome gifts.
  11. 6
    Danielle Murgia says:
    This would be a wonderful gift for my mom! She loves this kind of thing.
  12. 5
    Claire says:
    would like the cat salt lamp.
  13. 4
    soha molina says:
    I just think they look awesome.
  14. 3
    Jessica R. says:
    I love the Large Bowl of Fire Salt Lamp
  15. 2
    Karla smith says:
    These look really neat. I would like the cat salt lamp.
  16. 1
    Cyndy says:
    I would love to try one of these – the cross lamp is GORGEOUS! This seems like it would be so beneficial.

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