Top 10 Food Items To Avoid If You Are Traveling With a Spouse

Top 10 Food Items To Avoid If You Are Traveling With a Spouse

Bloating and burping while traveling with a spouse can be really embarrassing. By choosing the wrong food to eat before traveling with your spouse can cause bloating and burping due to gases that expands the stomach. The main culprit behind the embarrassment is the types of food you consume that leads to indigestion and water retention.

Endless lines of baggage, screaming children and security checkpoints are enough to add to the pre-traveling anxiety and should not be over-exhausted with the addition of multiple trips to the airplane lavatory. Thus, it becomes imperative to eat right to avoid stress and embarrassment, especially when you are traveling with your spouse.
It is best to eat at home instead of relying on unhealthy airport dining options. If you are traveling to arrange a stag party and want to avoid being sick, it is important that you eat right.

The following are some foods that should be avoided before traveling:

1. McDonald’s Extra Value Meal
The extra value meal available at this burger joint found in many airports could be referred to as greasy, oily and fattening food that should be completely avoided. According to medical experts, foods that are loaded with saturated fats and sodium do not digest well and digestion at a higher altitude is even more challenging. Thus, such foods should be completely avoided.

2. Super-Saturated Fried Dishes
For absolutely obvious reasons, such type of gas giants should be totally avoided. It is wise to eliminate such foods from your diet, especially when you are traveling with your spouse to avoid intestinal expansion. The main foods that come under this heading are baked beans, cabbage, cauliflower and onions that can make you feel like an air filled balloon.

3. Carbonated Drinks
When flying with your spouse, especially on longer flights, it is wise to consider yourself an athlete who is on a quest to fight against the negative forces of physical pain, dehydration and bad mood. If you consider yourself an athlete, you would never drink cola right? While you need to keep your spirits high, carbonated beverages will contribute to cramping and bloating. Not only will impeded digestion affect you, but your spouse and fellow passengers too.

4. Certain Sugar-Rich Fruits
Many people consider consuming fruits as a natural and whole option available to them. However, one fact that must not be overlooked is that some fruits have a high content of sugar in them. While sugar in fruits is considered good sugar, it can still be dangerous. By eating a little sugar, your body becomes cranky and hungry and starts demanding food. Therefore, do not fall victim to fruits or fruit juices.

5. Flavored Yogurt
Just like fruit, flavored yogurt isn’t as healthy as you might consider it. It is rich in sugar and can make a situation even worse than what a fruit would do. Flavored yogurt is known for creating spike crash craving feelings in people and encouraging them to eat unhealthy food. Do not start binging on unhealthy food options available at the airport that will only make things worse.

6. Desserts
Desserts that are especially rich with cream, custard, additional sweeteners and whipped cream are on top of the list. By consuming such a high amount of sugar will only make you feel nauseated and will eventually ruin your journey.

7. Spicy Sauces Served in Open Containers
If you are serious about avoiding getting sick on your journey with your spouse, you must not eat anything available in open containers, especially spicy sauces. Eating something so unhealthy will give you a burning feeling in your stomach and will upset your throughout your flight.

8. Green Leafy Veggies and Fresh Salads
If you are preparing this for yourself at home – well and good! But in case you are planning to eat something like this from an unknown resource on or near the airport, don’t even think about it. While these un-organic items are really alluring when you consider healthy eating, this isn’t a healthy option.

9. Cold Meat
Until and unless something is served steamy hot to you, do not try it, especially if it is meat. You cannot be sure of its hygiene and how your stomach will be able to digest it. Thus, it is best to avoid such things and calm your cravings.

10. Dairy Products
Not the ones you have stored in your refrigerator, but the dairy products including milk that are available from a questionable source should definitely be avoided. Anything that is not healthy and/or good for your body shouldn’t be digested and will ruin your journey throughout.

By following these tips, you can avoid all the hindrance in arranging a stag party in a different part of the world. You can also seek professional assistance for further help.

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