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Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers Review

Let's face it we do A LOT on our feet.  They are one of the most used and abused parts on our body.  My cousin has a broken bone in her foot right now and she was just complaining to me how much she never realized  just how much she used her foot and how much it bent.  Think of those 10,000+ steps your supposed to take a day.  The picking your kiddos up from school, running them to their sports practice, teaching them how to play basketball and the trips around the house of cleaning up the … [Read more...]

OXY® Clinical Acne Solutions Pack Review and Giveaway

As most of you have probably noticed, I haven't been posting much lately.  That's because I started a new job, made a huge move with my husband and family, started working on bringing a school to my community, and I've been dealing with some super-sick kiddos.  In short - I've been BUSY!  I don't know about you, but when I get busy, I get stressed, and when I get stressed out, I start breaking out like I'm fourteen years old again.  I don't understand it.  Shouldn't the reward of making it … [Read more...]

Alpha Beta Glow Pad – Review

Oh summer is here and in full swing.  The flowers are in bloom and the grass is gorgeous with my privacy fence blocking the view from anything, which is mighty important because the neighbors are over 1/2 a mile away and could still see the shine from my white legs.  I don't see how people can find the time to get to a tanning booth (probably because my closest one is 30 miles) and I don't naturally tan.I have tried more tanning creams and sprays than I care to think about and I can't … [Read more...]

Dragonfly Soaps Review & Giveaway – CLOSED

Almond is a go to scent for me and pretty much a must buy scent.  I love anything to do with almond flavoring or scents and so when I saw that Dragonfly Soaps had Oatmeal Almond, I knew I had to have it.Dragonfly Soaps takes pride in ensuring that their products are handmade, mild and gentle enough for anybodies skin, including their unscented line for babies.  With five categories of soap including, Unscented, Earthy & Mysterious, Workhorse, Lavender & Flowers and my favorite … [Read more...]

Tree Hut Shower Wash and Body Butter Giveaway (Birthday Bash) – CLOSED

Last week you might remember that I posted a review of the Coconut Lime Tree Hut products that I received in the mail.  Well because it's our Birthday Bash we seem to be in luck and Tree Hut has graciously offered a giveaway as well.  Feels like a lucky day! Buy ItYou can purchase a variety of Tree Hut products including Amazon, City Market (Kroger), and Walmart. Win ItOne Lucky Giveaway Blogdom reader will win a Tree Hut Gift Pack.Mandatory EntryVisit Tree Hut and then leave us a … [Read more...]

***********************Barielle Skin and Nail Care Review and Giveaway (Birthday Bash)

I live in the high-altitude New Mexican desert, and the climate here is really tough on my skin and nails - it also doesn't help that I hardly ever have any time to pamper myself!  So I am always looking for affordable products that work quickly and work well.  Barielle fits that criteria perfectly!  The Barielle company was formed more than 30 years ago by a husband and wife team who actually made a breakthrough in equestrian hoof care (yes, as in horses!).  They then … [Read more...]

Tree Hut Shower Wash and Body Butter Review

With a new product hitting the shelves everyday in the body wash and moisturizer aisle it becomes harder and harder to choose "the one".  I know that when I hit that aisle I become so overwhelmed that I keep on shopping.  Maybe it's just me but I never know what scent I want, do I want vitamin E, aloe, shea butter, foaming, organic, and the list goes on.  Once I finally decide on a product (if ever) I get it home and am disappointed that it dries out my skin instead of leaving it … [Read more...]

Spongeables Body Wash In A Sponge Review & Giveaway – CLOSED

Time for mom? When does that really happen? I am hoping that maybe when the kids are 10 I can enjoy a nice soak in the tub with a good book. One of the luxeries I miss most about my tub time is the smell of the bubble bath. I love getting out of the tub and my skin has that smell of luxury, it's hard to get that smell with a five minute shower to wash the bread crumbs, ketchup, spit up and who knows what else off.Little did I know there is a product for times like this?  Spongeables … [Read more...]

Luma Tweeze from As Seen On TV Review and Giveaway – CLOSED

Being a woman is so hard.  The beauty regimen that we are held to can be so tedious and take a huge amount of time.  This isn't the life for me really but at the same time it has to be done.  When I got the chance to review Luma Tweeze I was a little leery.  After all, this is review is really going to show my inexperience in this department. When I got married was the first time I had ever tweezed and my eyes watered (of course they weren't tears).  Since then I have … [Read more...]

Apothica – $50 Gift Card Review and Giveaway – CLOSED

April who is a fellow blogger here on Giveaway Blogdom is a nurse and like most nurses she had to start someplace.  After we had received facials for my bachelorette party we were discussing skin care and she made a comment that she could tell which women had used skincare products and which hadn't.  This has stuck with me for the last few years because while I may not notice the difference now, she saw first hand the benefits that using a good skincare provided.   Since my … [Read more...]