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Prescription Eyeglasses Online For Less and Guaranteed

  In our family of 4, THREE of us wear prescription eyeglasses!  My oldest child, Rachel, has been in eyeglasses since she turned 2.  So, needless to say, with 3 pair of eyeglasses to buy each year (as prescriptions change), I go looking around for the best prices. The problem with looking for just the best price is that you sometimes get what you pay for.  The good thing about Glasses.com is that they have Free In Home Trial, Shipping is free BOTH WAYS and you have a free 30 Day … [Read more...]

39 Dollar Glasses Review and Giveaway – CLOSED

Those of us who are not lucky enough to have 20/20 vision (we are jealous by the way) know the struggle it can be to find a good pair of glasses, lets not even talk about sunglasses.  Aside from the cost there is trying t find a color and style that make you look fabulous, or at least decent.  It is also a frustrating to test frames an inch away from a mirror so you can even see.  39 Dollar Glasses offers a great option, to shop for glasses on0line, they offer a large variety of shapes, … [Read more...]

GlassesUSA Review

Today I have a teeny tiny little confession I need to get off of my chest....... it's not that big of a deal really, it's just that, since I was about 15 years old, I've needed eyeglasses to see clearly. See, most of you probably don't even see why this is a confession right?  Well, the truth is, I broke my glasses about 8 years ago, but have never spent the money to get a new pair.  Obviously I am not completely blind without glasses, but I still have vivid memories of putting on … [Read more...]

Eye Buy Direct Review and Giveaway

I just got a kick out of this name- a glasses store, selling glasses direct "Eye Buy Direct". Anybody else? No, Ok well I am easily amused. Eye Buy direct is an online source to purchase prescription (and non prescription) glasses, including the lenses! I must say I was rather leery of ordering eye glasses online, I have had to wear glasses since high school and I have always done the traditional way of going to the eye doctor and spending the hundreds of dollars for new glasses. … [Read more...]