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Best Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is the biggest challenge for wine lovers the world over. All of those different dishes and flavors mixing together! It's nearly impossible to choose the perfect wines that will compliment the broad array of foods that make up the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. The best plan of attack is to select a few wines that will match each course and cater to the different palates of the guests who are attending the dinner. Here are my picks for the best types of wine that can stand up to a … [Read more...]

Tips For Surviving On Thanksgiving Day

We all love Thanksgiving Day. All family and friends gather together, everywhere is felt warmth and comfort. But what we have to go through in the days before Thanksgiving Day and what we have to do to arrange a cozy family holiday? For most people, every Thanksgiving day is like a small end of the world: buy it, cook it, clear it, bake this, broil that. In the end, more often instead of gratitude, we get stress and nervous breakdown. That is why better be prepared for Thanksgiving Day. 1. … [Read more...]

Turkey Day Trauma

“This year” I confidently told my wife Amy, when our children were very young and squirmy and clingy and generally as manageable as a pond of frogs, “we are going to beat the Thanksgiving chaos!” “How’s that gonna happen?” she asked wearily, picking up a crying child and disengaging another one that wanted to pull the buttons off her Capri pants. “Simple” I replied heartily, caught up in my own fantasy.  “This year I’ll take Wednesday off from work and cook up the … [Read more...]

How To Choose Smart Jewelry

Wearing jewelry can convey a strong statement about you to the people who see you. Through age-old art such as paintings and sculpture, you can see the important people decked in tons of elegant and beautiful jewelry. Even today, royalties still wear a considerable number especially on important occasions. A big difference though is that people today have become smarter in wearing them instead of piling up on whatever jewelry they can get their hands on What do I mean by smart jewelry? It … [Read more...]

Using Vinegar To Freshen A Room

My best friends mom always had a small bowl of vinegar sitting on her kitchen table and it took me awhile to figure out why. Well I never would have guessed at the time but she was using vinegar to absorb the smells around its environment.  Cathy was a light smoker and her house never had that smoker smell.  I swear it had to do with the vinegar she had sitting around the table.  Even when they would have big parties and all the aunts and uncles would be sitting around the table, the next … [Read more...]

Tip: 10 Uses For Baking Soda Besides Baking

Who knew that the orange box of baking soda that you can pick up for around one dollar at your local store had so many uses. Talk about a cheap alternative to simple things like stove cleaner and bath water softener.  Baking soda isn't just for baking and actually has well over 100 uses that doesn't include putting it into an oven in any way.  Below are 10  uses for baking soda that I implement in my own household.  This is one item you don't want to run out of because of it's versatility.  … [Read more...]

Can Cleaning the Kitchen Be Fast and Easy?

The kitchen as center of our living space is always the hardest one to be cleaned up. If just the thought of setting time for getting it done sounds like a pesky chore, then you are not much different than most of the women all over the globe. Cleaning the kitchen is not a pleasing task, and the faster it can be done, the more free time you will have left for other pleasant activities. What makes the kitchen such an important and never to be skipped area of your home is that it requires … [Read more...]

Tip: Homemade Sidewalk Paint

Temperatures across the country are rising and that means more time spent outdoors.  Use this easy peasy  frugal recipe below for sidewalk paint. 1/3 cup cornstarch 1/3 cup water 1-2 drops food coloring While I have listed measurements they are all easily adjusted.  In all reality you need equal parts water and cornstarch.  Grab a paintbrush and off you go.  This recipe for sidewalk paint will go on yet and dry to look like chalk. … [Read more...]

20 Ways To Keep Kids Active Indoors

Spring is in the air...sort of but in the valley that doesn't mean that it is warm enough or nice enough to send the kiddos outside.  So I am constantly on the lookout for ways to keep them active inside.  Not only is it good for them but it helps all of us keep our sanity.  Here are 20 ways to keep kids active indoors when the weather is cold, rainy, windy or you just need something to occupy the kiddos. 1. Get up and dance. 2. Play an active round of Simon Says. 3. Play an old … [Read more...]

Tip: Make Your Own Graham Cracker Crumbs

Many of the desserts I make require graham cracker crumbs for the base.   Buying already crushed graham cracker crumbs can be expensive and bringing out the food processor for a cup of crumbs is a lot of work, not to mention the clean-up. To make your own you will need: Graham crackers 1 ziploc Rolling Pin As your put your graham crackers into the ziploc bag give them a crush. Seal the ziploc while pushing as much air as you can out at the same time. Give the bag several good rolls … [Read more...]

Tip: Pan Lid Storage

Do you have lots of lids that make your cupboards unbearable? For a less than five dollars you can tame those lids. Head to the office supply section of your store and pick up one of these file holders. My current one holds  five lids and if I can keep the kids out of them they stay organized and take up very little space. Do you have an organizing tip that we can all benefit from?   … [Read more...]

Tip: Homemade Stove Top Cleaner

Cleaners can be expensive and some are not good for your appliances depending on the kind you have.  On our glass top they recommend very few cleaners because of the damage that they can cause and the scratch potential.  So I went on the search for a very basic and easy homemade stove top cleaner.  I had used this recipe in the past but now I am using this recipe consistently.    Works well on stuck on stains as well without scratching your enamel off.  … [Read more...]

Tip: Frugal Drain Cleaner

If you're looking for a frugal drain cleaner to use that won't hurt your system this is a great one to us.  Plus it uses ingredients we all have on hand most of the time.  And I am guessing on a price here but I would guess for less than a dollar.  Sure beats a $10.oo bottle of cleaner! … [Read more...]

Tip: 15 Minutes = $36 in Savings

Don't hand-wash dishes. Here's some priceless news for busy moms: It actually costs about $36 less each year to run full loads in the dishwasher than to scrub dishes yourself. The savings go up to $42 if you already own an Energy Star model. … [Read more...]

Top Five: Moving

With all the moving taking place recently at Giveaway Blogdom I felt a top five of could be helpful.  I have moved before, the usual college back to my parents and repeat 9 times.   Never have I moved an entire family and what a difference this was.  We had a lot of help from the hired men and my mom who took our children for a few days.  We had started packing the old house a little before moving day but not really.  In three days we had the old house moved out, into the new one and over … [Read more...]