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Tip: 10 Uses For Baking Soda Besides Baking

Who knew that the orange box of baking soda that you can pick up for around one dollar at your local store had so many uses. Talk about a cheap alternative to simple things like stove cleaner and bath water softener.  Baking soda isn't just for baking and actually has well over 100 uses that doesn't include putting it into an oven in any way.  Below are 10  uses for baking soda that I implement in my own household.  This is one item you don't want to run out of because of it's versatility.  … [Read more...]

Top Five: Classic Indoor Games For Kids

When the weather starts to change in Colorado it can go from 80 degrees to snowing in a matter of hours.  This morning I woke up to snow.  Yes I said snow on the 26th of September.  Yet the boys and I went to the park this afternoon with no coats and we were sweating by the time we were done.  I would say only in Colorado but I am sure somebody might dispute that woke up to snow in their hometown as well. So what to do when the weather is starting to turn and you won't let the kids … [Read more...]

Top Five: Uses for Vinegar

Vinegar like baking soda can be a huge help around the house and it's very FRUGAL!  Here are my top five things to do with vinegar. 1.  Clean and disinfect garbage disposal by making vinegar ice cubes and then grinding them up in the disposal.  Flush with water. 2.  Place a small bowl of vinegar on your kitchen counters and let it do the work of removing cooking odors from the air. 3.  Keep eggs from cracking when you boil them by adding 2 tablespoons of vinegar to 4 quarts … [Read more...]

Top Five: Tips To Successfully Living A Frugal Life

Guest Post by  reader Phil  Saving money is more important than ever in the current economic climate. Living frugally can mean the difference between having to work day-in and day-out just to make ends meet and being able to live comfortably and relax once in a while. The following tips can help anyone stay within their budget. Brown bag it Packing a lunch to bring to work can significantly cut down weekly expenses. It can also help you eat more healthily as you determine what to eat … [Read more...]

Top Five: 5 ways to save money

1. Use coupons This one is perfect because it is so simple but effective! If you search for coupon codes on any product before you purchase then you are saving money in the simplest form and it becomes part of your shopping habits so that you save with every purchase. 2. Buy in bulk When you buy a packaged good, make sure you buy the biggest size available because they often offer much better value than their smaller counterparts. If you are very keen then most supermarkets will display … [Read more...]

Top Five: Things you should buy used

While I love a great deal when I can find one I do also firmly believe the thought process behind You Get What You Pay For. Now there are some exceptions to that and below are my top five things that I will let somebody else pay the big bucks for and I will take it "second hand" to take some of the sticker price shock off. Clothes - Clothes are easy to pick up used and with a little bit of patience you can find some steals at your local second hand stores. Finding kids clothes second hand is … [Read more...]

Top Five: Tools A Women Should Have

The five tools below are tools that I think every woman should have.  I do believe they are necessities to get things done around the house.  I put together furniture (kid's beds, shelving, etc). without having to wait for my husband to come home.  How many toys take a screwdriver to get to the batteries? … [Read more...]

Top Five: Moving

With all the moving taking place recently at Giveaway Blogdom I felt a top five of could be helpful.  I have moved before, the usual college back to my parents and repeat 9 times.   Never have I moved an entire family and what a difference this was.  We had a lot of help from the hired men and my mom who took our children for a few days.  We had started packing the old house a little before moving day but not really.  In three days we had the old house moved out, into the new one and over … [Read more...]

Top Five: Kids Shows

These are the current tip five kids shows in our house.  We are surrounded by digging machines and farming.  Cory and Coulter have their few shows together as well which are number 4 and 5. … [Read more...]

Top Five: Tools For One Of "Those" Days

Let me start off that I love being a mother and how I hope that a third is in my future. But I have to be honest that I am not the most patient mother. When I know it's going to be a rough day I try to look to some of the positives and what I have learned from them. Thought I would pass this list on to you for one of "those" days. … [Read more...]